2015 Shannons Sydney Autumn Classic Auction

1967 Citroen 2CV AK400 Van (LHD)




Engine Flat-twin, 602cc
Gearbox 4-Speed manual
Body Work Van
Colour Cream
Interior Black
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Steel disc
Brakes Disc/Drum


This lot is no longer available

Originally conceived as mass transportation in the 1930s by CitroŽn's boss Pierre Boulanger, the 2CV was launched following the Second World War at the Paris Motor Show of 1948 with distinctive corrugated body panels, a roll-back sunshine roof (to improve load carrying) and minimalist interior. Powering the Deux Chevaux was a tough little 375cc flat-twin engine driving through a four-speed gearbox, with simple but effective independent suspension all round and early cars were available in any colour - so long as it was matt grey. Rarely seen outside France, the Fourgonnette was a delivery van version that proved highly successful, with almost 1.25 million sold between 1951 and 1985. Initially powered by the smaller engine and with a payload of 250 kgs, demand for greater capacity saw the introduction of the AK series 1963 fitted with the more powerful 602cc unit used in the Ami-6 and the payload was increased to a more useful 300 kgs (further increased to 400 kgs with the AKS of 1970). The AK also benefited from an alternator and a revised body, with windows added to the rear doors and sides. Thanks to its flat floorpan (which resulted in the spare wheel and petrol tank being relocated), raised ride height and reinforced chassis, the 2CV van was used for transporting just about anything. Serving as the official transport for the French rural postal service, 2CV vans were also seen doing duty as ambulances and became popular camper vans throughout Europe in the 1960s. With few examples of this delightful French van on the road in Australia, the 2CV Fourgonnette has much to offer, combining Gallic charm and practicality - what better classic vehicle could there be to promote just about any business?

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