A flat tyre, flat battery or any type of breakdown can happen when you least expect it when you're out on the road in your car or on your motorcycle. Shannons Roadside Assist is a dedicated 24/7 roadside assistance service, available Australia-wide for your vehicle when you need it most.

Flat Battery

If your vehicle's battery is flat, we will jump-start it or arrange a replacement battery (at your cost) if required.

Emergency fuel

If your vehicle runs out of fuel, we will provide you with up to $10 free fuel to help you get to the nearest petrol station. Drive an LPG car? We'll tow you to the nearest petrol station or place of safety.

24/7 Unlimited Roadside Callouts

Shannons Roadside Assist provides 24/7 support. You're entitled to an unlimited number of callouts within your period of insurance (term and conditions apply).

Lost or locked-in keys

If your vehicle's keys are lost (but not stolen) or locked inside your vehicle, we will arrange for the spare key to be delivered or arrange to gain access to your vehicle. Refer to the benefit table below for the limits that apply.


If the vehicle cannot be mobilised and is considered a breakdown (including a Motor sport breakdown for Roadside Assist Ultimate), we will tow it to your choice of repairer as soon as practical. Refer to the benefit table below for the kilometre limits that apply. (All additional costs are at your cost)

Flat tyres

If you have a flat tyre, we will change it with your vehicle's serviceable spare wheel or transport your vehicle to an approved tyre outlet or nearest place of safety.

Passenger Transportation

In the event that your vehicle is towed, if you require transport to the repairer or your home, we will pay by reimbursement for your transport costs from the breakdown location. Refer to the benefit table below for the limits that apply.

Accommodation and/or Hire car

In the event that your vehicle is towed, and the breakdown location is more than 100km from the garaged address noted on your certificate, at your request, we will arrange and contribute up to $500 per annum by reimbursement for the accommodation and/or hire car.

Caravan and Trailer Assistance

In the event that your vehicle is towed after a breakdown, and it had been towing your caravan or trailer. We'll cover costs to transport your caravan or trailer to the same location as your vehicle or to the nearest place of safety. Remember, you must tell us at the time of the breakdown call that you're towing so we can ensure our provider can transport both your vehicle and the towed caravan or trailer.

Shannons Offer Two Levels of Roadside Assist - Enthusiast & Ultimate

Roadside Assist Enthusiast

Provides Roadside Assist for one specified vehicle where this optional cover is selected. You can choose to add this optional cover to additional vehicles under your Shannons Motor Insurance policy at an extra cost.

Roadside Assist Ultimate

Provides Roadside Assist for up to eight vehicles under your Shannons Motor Insurance policy.

Shannons Roadside Assist Benefits

Different benefit limits may apply between the Enthusiast and Ultimate levels of Roadside Assist and are shown in the benefits table below


Enthusiast Limit

Ultimate Limit

Flat Battery ?

Emergency Fuel (Up to $10)

Flat Tyres

Lost or locked keys

Up to $250 per call out

Up to $350 per call out

Towing excluding at a motor sport event

Up to 50km

Up to 100km

Towing at a motor sport event

No cover

One vehicle tow per motor sport event, up to 100km

Caravan and Trailer Assistance

Passenger Transportation

Up to $60 per call out

Up to $200 per call out

Accommodation and/or Hire car
(If the breakdown is more than 100km from home)

Maximum number of Call Outs



Number of Vehicles Covered

One vehicle on your Shannons Motor Insurance policy

Up to eight vehicles on your Shannons Motor Insurance policy

Shannons Roadside Assist Live Tracking

Now available for our Shannons customers in all metropolitan cities

How to Purchase Shannons Roadside Assist

New Customers

Call us on 13 46 46 and add Shannons Roadside Assist when you get a quote for Shannons Comprehensive Motor Insurance. Roadside assistance starts 24 hours after purchase.

Existing Shannons Customers

Call us on 13 46 46 to add Shannons Roadside Assist to your Shannons Motor Insurance policy. Roadside assistance starts 24 hours after purchase.

Cover Options

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   I've broken down and need help, who do I contact?

  •   Can I get assistance if I break down in another state?

  •   Who handles the call out?

  •   How soon can I use Shannons Roadside Assist?

  •   Can I get Shannons Roadside Assist if I don't have a Motor Insurance Policy with Shannons?

Need Emergency Assistance Now? Shannons Roadside Assist is here to help

Call Shannons Roadside Assist on 1800 325 104.

Have your vehicle's registration number and your best contact phone number handy. We'll also ask you where your vehicle is and what's happened to it.

Safety First

If your vehicle has broken down in a hazardous location, please tell us when you call us, and ensure you aren't exposed to danger.

Stay with your vehicle

Once you've called us, it's vital that you remain with your vehicle. If our provider arrives at the scene of the breakdown and your vehicle is unattended, we will be unable to carry out any work and payment may be required for any subsequent callouts for the same incident. If you have to leave your vehicle for safety reasons, please tell us when you call.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Shannons Roadside Assist Terms and Conditions for the terms, including the coverage, limitations and exclusions that apply to this optional cover. Shannons Roadside Assist is an optional cover only available in conjunction with Shannons Comprehensive Motor Insurance.

For full details about what is and isn't covered under your Shannons Motor Insurance, check the
Product Disclosure Statement.

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