2010 Shannons Sydney Autumn Auction

1923 Willys Knight 7-Seater Tourer




Engine 4 Cylinder
Gearbox Manual
Body Work 7 Seater Tourer
Colour White
Interior Black
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Wooden Spoke
Brakes 2 Wheel Rear


This lot is no longer available

Designed whilst Walter P Chrysler was in charge of Willys Corporation and in series production for several years. Known as the model 20 Sleeve Valve Willys-Knight touring car, it was first introduced in 1921 and at the time it was introduced John North Willys had finally regained control of his company. This was a successful model for Willys in the early 1920's as sales rose considerably with its introduction, and by the 1922-23 model year achieved sales of 95,410 cars. Built on a 118? wheelbase and with the option of artillery, wire or solid steel wheels many of these cars saw service as taxis or hire cars. In the year this particular example was built, the 1923-24 model year ,Willys achieved sales of 196,038 cars. Powered by a Knight Sleeve Valve engine, this being a proprietary engine manufactured and designed by Knight and this was offered and sold to several other automobile manufacturers as an original equipment item though no other companies used it for as many years as the Willys Corporation. In their advertisements of the day Willys claimed this engine actually improved with use and that with a build up of carbon it only makes it better!