2020 Shannons Spring Timed Online Auction

Sinclair C5 Electric Car





This lot is no longer available

Brainchild of Sir Clive Sinclair, who made a fortune in the home computer market, the ill-fated C5 was an electrically powered vehicle with a chassis designed by Lotus Cars and a polypropylene body.  The 250 watt motor and battery had a limited range – this, combined with a lack of weatherproofing and the relatively slow top speed of around 25 km/h kept London’s yuppie’s from spending £399 on the Sinclair and sales fell well short of expectations.  Just 5000 were sold in 1985 and the tiny three-wheeler was arguably ahead of its time given recent moves towards electric cars and scooters, with a cult following today.  This example was reportedly shipped to Australia when new and placed in storage, the vendor subsequently purchased the C5 in brand new condition and used it for promotional purposes at trade shows etc.  Showing some general wear, the Sinclair does run and a bespoke trailer made-up by the vendor is included in the sale.