2019 Shannons Sydney Late Autumn Classic Auction

c1936 ACME Autocycle 98cc




Engine Single-cylinder, 98cc
Gearbox Single-speed
Colour Blue
Trim Black


This lot is no longer available

The term autocycle generally refers to any small capacity (usually between 75cc and 100cc) motorcycle of the style popularised in Continental Europe and Britain between the World Wars, with both pedal and motorized power.  Thanks to the reduced annual tax rate for motorcycles with engine capacities under 150cc, a whole raft of British autocycles appeared in the 1930s, the earliest being the Cyc-Auto of 1934 and they were almost exclusively powered by Villiers Junior, Junior Deluxe or 2F motors.  An essential mode of transport during the Second World War due to petrol rationing, the autocycle continued to grow in popularity in the early post-war period until a new generation of scooters and mopeds took over.  Autocycles also became well-established in Australia thanks to manufacturers like Malvern Star, with locally-made frames often built under licence powered by the Villiers two-stroke engine.