2015 Shannons Sydney Spring Classic Auction

1964 Datsun NL320 Utility




Engine In-line 4-cylinder, 1189cc
Gearbox 4-speed manual
Body Work Utility
Colour Bamboo
Interior Jade
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Steel disc
Brakes Discs


This lot is no longer available

Datsun produced the 320 series utility between 1961 and 1965, both as the L320 model (with a separate cab/chassis and bolt-on cargo bed) and the unibody NL320 (with a one-piece 'styleside' utility body distinguished by longer doors and a more spacious cab). Both had a half-ton carrying capacity but the latter was considerably rarer, with an estimated 1000 produced from 1963 to 1965. Also marketed were the U320 (an early attempt at building a 'crew cab') and the V320 that doubled as a delivery van or station wagon with seating for five. All 320 variants shared the same basic styling characteristics as the contemporary Bluebird series, with the doors and bonnet common to both, but underneath the 1950s exterior was a modern and very capable chassis and drivetrain. The 320 series was powered by a 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine with a bore and stroke of 73mm by 71mm, a compression ratio of 8.2:1 and developing 60 horsepower. All were equipped with a column-change four-speed manual transmission featuring synchro on all but first gears. Suspension consisted of A-arm torsion bars up front and a leaf-sprung rear end, while the 320 ran bigger (14-inch wheels) than the Bluebird, with suitably beefed-up brakes. Detail changes made during the lifespan of the model included revised grilles and minor trim differences. With its incredibly strong seam-welded chassis and six-stud wheels, the Datsun proved an exceptionally capable load carrier and the E-1 engine gained a reputation as being virtually unbreakable. Today these charming utilities remain hugely popular with collectors around the world and have a loyal following.