2011 Shannons Collector and Muscle Car Auction at MotorEx

1969 Ford Falcon XW GT Sedan




Engine V8,351cid
Gearbox 4-speed Manual
Body Work Sedan
Colour Grecian Gold
Interior Black
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Steel disc
Brakes Disc/Drum


This lot is no longer available

In May 1969, Ford introduced the latest model to wear the GT badge, based on the new Falcon XW range, and in doing so gave birth to a new generation of Aussie muscle cars. The XR and XT models may have been quick, but the XW GT was something else again courtesy of the gutsy new 351-cid Windsor V8. The new motor boosted power output to 290bhp, had a thumping 385 lb/ft of torque on tap and was sold with either the Top loader four-speed or C4 automatic transmissions. Other upgrades unique to the XW GT were stronger brakes (with ventilated Kelsey-Hayes front discs up front), a taller (3.25:1) final drive ratio, larger 164-litre fuel tank and suspension upgrades to handle the extra power. Externally, the XW GT also raised the bar thanks to some wild graphics - the famous 'Superoo' logo made its first appearance, along with bonnet black-outs and scoop, side stripes, quartz-iodine driving lights and locking pins on the bonnet. The GT certainly looked the business outside and the interior also benefited from some changes, including a unique three-spoke steering wheel and full instrumentation. The XW GT was easily the quickest car Ford Australia had ever made, turning in sub-sixteen second quarter mile times and could reach a maximum speed of around 210 km/h. It may not have won Bathurst in 1969 - poor tyre selection let the GT350 Monaro's in - but the Cleveland-powered Phase II GT-HO scored a popular win the following year with Moffat at the wheel. In total, 2,287 XW GTs were built between May 1969 and October 1970, along with a smaller number of GT-HO 'Phase 1' homologation specials and have been at the forefront of the boom in early Australian muscle cars in recent years.

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