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Two Wollongong Classics: Classic Restos - Series 44

By Shannons - Published on 07 June 2020

Fletch travels to Wollongong in NSW to see two collectors exceptional cars. First is Sash with a genuine 1968 Shelby Mustang signed by Carrol Shelby himself. The result of a 20-month ground-up restoration by Leo of   (mechanicals) and Jason of Classic Fabrications (body & paint) right here in Wollongong. The Shelby features the factory 5-speed gearbox and Windsor motor upgraded to 600HP. Sash has also made some modifications to make it his own and finished the car in a spectacular Pepper Grey, to emulate the hero car in the movie 'Gone in 60 seconds'.

Next is Michael with his restoration project a 1985 VK Holden considered to be the last of the big bangers, driven by the likes of Peter Brock and Craig Lownes at Bathurst and other circuits across Australia. This car started as a Canary Yellow 6 cylinder VK, it's only redeeming feature was that it was a complete model meaning there was no need to source parts. Leo from BL Automotive, responsible for the restoration gives insight to the mechanicals of the rebuild. While the interior is not entirely original, has been personalised to the owners' taste, the rest is close to era period correct and a great example of this classic car. Michael reflects on the car seen in Wollongong and what motivated him to take on the VK restoration.

Fletch leaves us with a few humorous antics during the filming of Classic Restos, what could go wrong.