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Dubbo Drive-In Car & Bike Meet: Classic Restos - Series 45

By Shannons - Published on 09 October 2020

That's right Fletch visits the West View Drive-In, in Dubbo for a meet organised by the Dubbo Motorcycle and Drivers Club, otherwise known as the MAD Club. Over 100 enthusiasts turn out to greet Fletch with their cars and motorcycles. 

The West View Drive-In opened in 1970 and closed back in 1984 before a restoration project by the current owner Jason in 2018. The Drive-In is one of only three in NSW and the only one west of the Blue Mountains. It's an ongoing project that is supported by local businesses and volunteers. The Drive-In is a favourite activity for those that can remember those days, one that goes hand in hand with classic cars and motorcycles. 

One of the enthusiasts who turned out is Darryl with his 1969 Falcon 6 cylinder Ute, purchased new for just $2,500. He tells of how he sold it in 1990 and then repurchased it in 2000 in much worse condition. After twenty years in a shed, Darryl has since spent considerable time and effort in restoring it to its original condition - over two years with more upgrades along the way. Darryl has others in his collection including a 1948 Buick under restoration and a 64 Hot Rod, with plenty of plans ahead. 

A very desirable 1941 Cadillac with 346 side-valve V8 is the recent acquisition by another Dubbo local Cookie, originally imported from the USA. Back in 1941, this model was considered the flagship of cars in America. The car is in original condition and features a spectacular fastback style rear that is very distinctive. While in possession for only two months, owner Cooke is delighted with his purchase and why wouldn't he be, it is a great looking car. 

Next up is Paul with the very popular 1965 XP Falcon Wagon, in excellent original condition sporting the original 170 engine with three on the tree. In a beautiful Honey Gold exterior colour scheme (a premium Ford colour at the time) and green interior. Paul has gone to some lengths to obtain the history of the car from the three previous owners that complete the story. Paul says 'It's a great car to drive'. 

Finally is Nick, founder of the Dubbo MAD Club. With his 1973 HQ Holden Premier Sedan, sporting a 308 V8 with a tri-matic transmission. Nick admits that he probably paid over the odds as these HQ's have become very popular, but he just loved the styling and lines of the car. Completely reupholstered inside in black velour, the vehicle is the one he has always wanted.

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