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Fletch's 69 Dodge Dart GT Sport Replica: Classic Restos - Series 43

By Shannons - Published on 29 May 2020

Fletch tells the story of how back in 2006 he acquired a VF Valiant and transformed it into a 1969 Dodge Dart GT Sport Replica. It all started when he fell in love with the 69/70 VF/VG Valiant Coupes. He recalls it was the square lines, very masculine and tough-looking shape. Once finding a good clean example albeit with a very tired slant six engine the restoration began. But it was during the early stage of the project that the direction of the restoration took a different tack.

Fletch had long admired the 67/69 Dodge Dart and investigated if his VF Valiant could be remodelled into a Dodge Dart GT Sport. The task would require significant engineering and bodywork to shorten the car, requiring the purchase of a VE Valiant 4 door as a donor car for the panels and hood humps from the US. Fletch takes you through not just the bodyworks but the complete mechanicals involved in this custom restoration. He admits it’s not original, but a replica that he is thrilled with and true to the look of the Dodge Dart, finished in his favourite Burgundy Red and black vinyl roof.