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Wagga Wagga Motoring Enthusiasts - Part 2: Classic Restos - Series 45

By Shannons - Published on 20 November 2020

Fletch meets with three more members of the Classic and Historic Automobile Club of Australia (CHACA) to get the inside story on their passion for each of their vehicles. 

Tom a spritely 82-year-old, with his beautifully presented 1973 Ford Escort that has been an 18-month bare metal restoration. Tom opening admits that he loves the car, and working on it keeps him young. 

From a complete restoration project. To a 1979 Jaguar V12 in original condition and completely untouched. Owner Barry says "No, it's not a show car" it has all the hallmarks of its life on view including dents and scratches and even a damaged vinyl roof. But it's the car that he loves and is very special to him. He believes there is nothing better than a 5.3 litre V12 Jaguar, one of the genuine 150mph cars that still drives beautifully today, flat, smooth, and feels luxurious. Restored or unrestored like Barry's they're still a classic. 

Finally from Wagga an Aussie icon, a 1955 FJ Holden - Business Model. Owner Dick purchased the car for $2,250 in 1986, which he thought was a steal and began the restoration soon after. The FJ Business model came with many extra's including a bigger battery, stronger springs and shock absorbers, the ability to lock drivers door from outside, a light switch on the pillar and the obligatory map pocket, to name but a few. All things we take for granted today! The car to Dick is a piece of Australian history and an exhilarating experience to drive with people continuously acknowledging this famous Aussie icon. 

Thanks to Tom, Barry & Dick from CHACA in Wagga Wagga.