Seeing Your Way Clear

01 May 2007

Given the draught conditions currently covering extensive tracts of Australia, dust is a common foe when you're out riding, be it on the trails or at a motocross track. Attempting to follow someone through a cloud of billowing dust is frustrating, sometimes scary and often downright dangerous, while actually getting dust in your eyes will exacerbate the situation even further.

If you come to find yourself in such a cloud, wondering which way is up and whether that shape you just noticed is simply dust or a looming fallen tree, the only preventative measure you can take is simply to back off and leave enough space between you and the bloke in front to let it clear – a tactic that's not going to help much if you're racing.

But when it comes to getting dust in your eyes, there is an easy measure you can take to reduce the dust hazard. For the vast majority of goggles, you'll see that between the foam padding that rests against your face, and the frame around the lens, there's a gap of about a centimeter or less that's covered in a very fine foam gauze.

It's fine so it can trap particles of dirt and dust, while still allowing the area ventilate, but no foam is fine enough to trap the really tiny particles you'll encounter, and that's where this tip can help. Simply purchase a bottle of baby oil from your local supermarket or chemist, and using your finger or a cotton bud apply a very light coating of oil to the foam. Hey presto, now even more dust should be kept at bay – which is a welcome relief for those sore, irritated eyes, and great news if you wear contact lenses.

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