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Harvey's Rare EH Holdens - Classic Restos: Series 46

By Shannons - Published on 12 January 2021

As Fletch moves his way through Canberra and the ACT, he discovers an incredible EH Holden.

Owner Harvey Miles talks of his history, shed, memorabilia and love of cars.
Particularly EH and EJ Holdens, around 40 years ago he found a really rare EH, the rarest in the world.

Harvey’s EH Holden gives Fletch goosebumps, nicknamed “Blondie” by the assembly line staff in GMH in Adelaide, South Australia. It was commissioned for GM’s general manager in America, who was coming to run the plant in South Australia. The management at Woodville requested the car to be painted “DuPont Cadillac Pink” to resemble the Cadillac he was driving back in America. The car was also fitted with power steering and automatic transmission, the trim is spec-c46 specially ordered bone leather and vinyl from Germany and the paint is #5680000. 

In 1964 the car was presented to the general manager at the Royal Adelaide Show. Upon his return to America, the car was then sold to Freeman Motors. Freeman Motors then sold the car to Mr Ray Wright a local from Adelaide for around £1,300 which equates to about $2,300. In June of 1966 “Blondie” was resold to a work colleague, Ron Wells for £1,000 which equated to about $1,800. In 1983 Harvey saw the neglected car for sale in the Canberra suburb of Western and purchased it with its original South Australian plates 345-040. Harvey didn’t believe that Cadillac pink was the original colour and after a lot of investigation, he eventually contacted the original owner who confirmed it was. In 2011 Harvey and Bob Harris commenced restoration of this extraordinary car, however, it was put on hold until his Holden S4 was completed. In April 2018 the restoration of “Blondie” finally recommenced and was finished in December 2018. Incredibly history and background making this EH, the only one in the world.

Harvey expands on the love of his shed and the collectables, memorabilia and parts. As Harvey says “The importance of having a shed, is you’ve got somewhere to go... I’ll come out here look around and I’m always tinkering doing something. If I’m not cleaning, I look at the cars and I have smile on my face and it’s great. You’ve got to have something to work on and live for and that’s what it’s all about for me.”

Harvey's other cars include a left-hand drive 1954 Chevrolet Pickup out of America and a Holden EH S4. 

The S4 is another very rare Holden, it was technically the first muscle car that rolled off the factory assembly line from Holden. Fletch and Harvey discuss the incredibly minor changes from the standard 179 EH, and the feeling Harvey gets driving such an iconic car as this S4. Harvey knows there are approximately 13 of the cars left and you’ll never see them again. He says these cars have got to be preserved and looked after, you get so much satisfaction out of showing them and talking about them. That’s what it’s all about.

Fletch comments on Harvey’s attention to detail and wealth of knowledge, it’s fantastic. His pink EH and the S4 both preserved beautifully. Harvey is known to be the first to offer assistance, information and help to anybody with their EH. It a great skill to have. A very humble Harvey acknowledges he is still leaning and he has received a lot of help over the years.