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2019 New Zealand Holden Nationals: Classic Restos - Series 41

By Shannons - Published on 07 June 2019

Fletch heads to the TSB Stadium in New Plymouth, New Zealand for the 2019 New Zealand Holden Nationals, hosted by the Taranaki Holden Club. This spectacular event comprises of 80 immaculate Holdens inside the stadium and a further 100 Holdens outside in the car park as part of a massive Show & Shine over the weekend.
Head judge Mike outlines how the judging is carried out over the three categories  - Original, Modified and Survivor cars, with three judges per category.  With each judge focusing on a specific area, the engine bay and under-floor, exterior and interior.  As it happens one of the entrants, is a car previously owned by the head judge - a 1974 GTS sedan in original unrestored condition, just like it was when he sold it. 
Next is Daniel with his 1967 HR Holden Sedan in absolutely original condition. When asked about its history, he had a copy of a car control ledger that detailed every vehicle imported into New Zealand. The ledger details three 1967 HR Holden Manual Special Station Wagons, one with a 161 engine and two with X2 engine. One of these X2's is the very vehicle he owns today. The ledger is handwritten and very detailed, including the original owners' names, model, body style and even colour, what a great find.
Stu proudly talks about his 1972 LS HQ Holden Monaro, which he reveals despite having had eleven owners, including himself, is still in remarkably good original condition. When questioned about restoring it to its original condition, he said it was all about the detail and not necessarily a lot of money, but a lot of time.
Dave and his 1954 Holden FJ Ute have more than a passing interest in this event, it was Dave's original proposal to hold a Holden Nationals in the New Plymouth region of NZ some 6 years ago and today in conjunction with the Taranaki Holden Club it has eventuated. Well done, Dave. It was more than appropriate that Dave entered his 1954 FJ Holden Ute into the event. The FJ was the subject of a 7-year complete restoration, from what was a shell and many considered not worthy, today is in concours condition. 
Finally, Fletch wraps up with Tracey with her 1960 FB Holden Sedan. Another complete restoration project from a shell that took 2-years to acquire the parts from Australia, to complete the task. Today its a beautifully presented vehicle and a step back in time to a special era.