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27th Chryslers on the Murray: Classic Restos - Series 40

By Shannons - Published on 08 May 2019

Fletch travels to Albury/Wodonga for the largest Mopar event in the Southern Hemisphere - The 27th Annual Chryslers on the Murray, run by the Albury/Wodonga Chrysler Club.
Every year the event focuses on a particular model, and in 2019 it's the VE/VF & VG Valiant. Fletch outlines the history of the VE which won 'Car of the Year' when introduced in 1967, followed by the VT in 1969 with the introduction of 2 door Valiant Coupes and models such as the Pacer, Regal 770 and VIP. In 1979 the VG was the last of the square/straight line models, but also heralded the introduction of the new Hemi 245 motor.
First up Fletch spots Phillip with a fully customised VG Valiant beautifully presented in a deep red colour called 'Split Blood' sporting a Hemi 265 with triple webbers. What started out being a small project to a stock standard VG went a little bit crazy and turned into a complete restoration/customisation.
There's something special about barn finds that attracts crowds and Fletch finds two, Mick and his 1982 VG Pacer that has been asleep as he puts it for 37 years in a tiny garage. Mick displays the car as he found it in absolutely original condition and intends to keep it that way. Next is Diego with a VE Valiant in similar condition, found abandoned in a paddock. 
Not a V series, but one from an earlier period is Arron's 1958 AP2 Valiant Plainsman. The result of a three and a half year, full restoration inside and out and is believed to have been purchased new from right here in Albury by the local Mayor of the time. The car is beautifully finished in Highland Green an original colour with Sherwood Green trim. The vehicle is powered by a Poly V8 engine and features power steering thought to be the first release by Chrysler.
Finally, from the AMC stable is Allan with his 1965 Rambler Ambassador, a full size 2 door luxury model. A very rare vehicle with only 4,900 built of which there are thought to be only 2 in Australia, 1 Hardtop and one Convertible. Even Fletch was caught out on this one.