Shannons Supercharged Showcase Winner Announced
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Shannons Supercharged Showcase Winner Announced

By Shannons - 23 September 2020
Supercharged Showcase Winner

The lucky winner of the Shannons Supercharged Showcase Competition is Steven from Wilton, NSW. When advised of the win, he was completely blown-away. It was his decision to take out a Shannons home insurance policy that earnt him the big win.

Bowden's Own
SP Tools

Steven is a motorcycle enthusiast, with his own motorcycle workshop and collection of classic bikes including a 1990 Honda NSR 250.

Steven had just returned from having some surgery and said it was the best news he had in a long time. Especially when the prize included $10,000 worth of SP Tools, something that he was seriously in need of and the $1,500 worth of Bowden’s Own products that he declared are the products he uses.

It was sheer delight when told the prize included a brand new Indian FTR 1200 S Motorcycle, complete with Shannons comprehensive insurance and Roadside Assist. Plus a huge $10,000 cash! Just what the doctor ordered.

Congratulations Steven and his wife Renee, we can’t wait to see you out on the Indian!