Shannons Goodwood Revival winner gets ready for trip to UK
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Shannons Goodwood Revival winner gets ready for trip to UK

By Shannons - 03 February 2020

Steve Kerr of Victoria was like all the winners of Shannons major competitions, completely blown-away by his luck in winning a 15-day trip to the Goodwood Revival, a once in a lifetime opportunity. But with the win came the dilemma, Steve, a father of three, wasn’t sure that he and his partner could go away for 15 days without their children.

But the problem was soon resolved, realising that this was an opportunity too good to miss and offered to take his step-father on the trip with him. That answer didn’t take too long, so Steve and step-father Ian are off to the 2020 Goodwood Revival.

Steve has been with Shannons for a number of years with several cars over that time with a keen motoring interest that has been only curtailed in recent years with the addition of three young children to the family, but it was the Shannons Home & Contents insurance policy that gave him the winning entry.

The trip to Goodwood and all the extras along the way will make it a great experience. Before Steve heads off he will take possession of his Indian FTR 1200 S Motorcycle worth $24,999 with 12 months comprehensive insurance.

Congratulations Steve.