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USA, Wes the Lincoln Collector: Classic Restos Series 32

By Shannons - Published on 14 November 2016

Fletch's return to the USA continues with a stop over in Grand Rapids, Michigan to catch up with a spritely gentleman of 92 years and his collection of cars & classic Americana memorabilia. Wes talks about his life and cars, 45 years running the local gas station and how it has always been filled with cars and in fact anything automotive, at one point he owned 100 cars and today he still has 35. Wes provided us with the quote for the day 'Happiness is a full tank of gas'. Wes picks out just three vehicles from his collection, all in original unrestored condition. First up a 1970 Lincoln Mark 3, a 1954 Lincoln Capri, a 1957 Ford Ranchero and Fletch's choice from the collection a 1964 Buick Le Sabre.