Shannons 2018 USA Road Trip Part 1: Classic Restos - Series 39

29 November 2018

Fletch returns to the US with Mark from Shannons who undertake another massive road trip from LA on the west coast to Ohio in the east and return to San Francisco. But it's not all driving there is an untold number of things to see and do including picking up another Mopar for Mark, a 1966 Dodge Monaco 383 V8 and driving back to the shipper in San Francisco.
 One of the first stops is Marti Autos in Arizona who are the official licensee of the Ford, Lincoln, Mercury production database of all vehicles from 1967 - 2012. Supply them with a VIN number, and they can extract the documentation (a Marti Report) of the original vehicle invoice of sale & delivery, identifying all specs and unique colour scheme. Marti Auto sell original parts for these vehicles also.
Next up is a visit to Coker Tires in Tennessee and meet with passionate motoring enthusiast Corky Coker, son of the founder of Corker Tires that began in 1958. Today they are the world's largest manufacturer of authentic classic and vintage cars and motorcycles. Distributed in 50 countries around the world, supplying original spec tyres for everything from Ford Model T to a classic Maserati. 
The factory also comprises a Museum that includes a very eclectic collection of cars and antique motorcycles that is open to the public.
Some of the unique vehicles include a 1912 Nyberg, said to have been 7 times the cost of a Model T Ford at the time, with reportedly only 200 ever built. The founder of Corker tires was also a fan of the 1908 Thomas Flyer,  the hero vehicle in the 1968 Movie 'The Great Race', he had 6 of them at one time. The collection is vast everything from a 1936 White Bus to a recreation of the 1911 Indianapolis 500 winner, a 1911 WASP race car and a wealth of classic and antique motorcycles too many to chose from.
 That's only part 1 of the Shannons 2018  US Road Trip, there is plenty more to come in future episodes.