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Midlife Crisis Customs: Classic Restos - Series 38

By Shannons - Published on 28 September 2018

Fletch travels to Rutherford in the Hunter Valley NSW to a relatively new business opened only in 2017 going by the name of Midlife Crisis Customs. The owner Mick a muscle car fan with his own 67 GTO Pontiac believes the Hunter Valley/Newcastle region has a very strong car culture and embarked on a new business that he thinks is quite unique and services a niche of enthusiasts with classic car, performance car and restoration projects old and new.
The business also offers some 80 cars for sale, and they are only too happy to connect owners with the car of their dreams or assist in the restoration/ modification in their adjoining workshop.  They even have scouts in the US who will find the vehicle you're looking for and arrange for importation to Australia.
Fletch tours the yard with Mick for a look at some of the cars on offer first up is a 1962 Ford F100 in beautiful patina condition, very rugged, a real beast. Then a beautifully restored 1957 Chevrolet Belair a real iconic 50's car. Now for a project car ripe for restoration, a 1954 Buick Station Wagon said to be one of only 1500 ever built, Mick says watch this space as he has big plans for this one.
Part of the business is ProFix Performance and Brad the General Manager of Midlife Crisis Customs talks about one of the cars on loan from Peter Champion's Brock Museum in Yeppoon, a 1980/81 HDT replica of the Bathurst winning Torana that was rebuilt by Peter Brock 
himself after discovering the original car driven by Peter had been crushed.
Back in the yard with Mick, Fletch spots a 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite a Mopar Muscle car commonly mistaken for the popular Road Runner.
 If you're in travelling in the Hunter Valley/Newcastle region take a detour to Rutherford and take a look at Midlife Crisis Customs.