KUMEU Classic Car & Hot Rod Festival Part 2: Classic Restos Series 33

27 March 2017

Fletch returns to KUMEU on day 2 to check out some more of the spectacular cars and bikes on display. 1st up was Trevour with a real showstopper a 1956 Buick, Tim with a 1975 Ford Elite and Lance with a 1966 Ford XP Coupe. Fletch catches up with event organisers Ken and Desma Galvin to talk about the size and scale of this year's event and plans for future events. Another feature of year's event is a 60-metre car drop demonstration that reveals the impact of a 200 kph smash.  Bikes also feature at KUMEU Fletch spots two impressive Harley-Davison Motorcycles from 1941 and to close the show a VW, not your normal beetle but something inspired by Rat Rods, named a VolksRod designed and build by NZ local Andy.