Fiat 124 Jerrari Sport Coupe bodies in the boot look

24 August 2015

Get your dancing shoes on ! So the shake down journey continues. This high maintenance tart continues to throw spanners in all directions. Been like that from day one, so why should it be any different so close to completion. The pictures tell the story. One step forward , two steps back. Minor embuggerances given the enjoyment we get from being able to not have to push it into the garage............... and drive it roof open with the cassette deck crackling away. Bloody magnificent ! Just a couple of cosmetic issues to sort, but the pimple on the bum is the gearbox leak. That looks to be an extraction job, but once that's done all we will need is global warming and we will be off. Thanks to Ned Kelly for the camera work and Redbone for their 1974 hit "Come and get your love". Enjoy !