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Rockabilly Café - Cars on Keppel St, Bathurst: Classic Restos - Series 46

By Shannons - Published on 01 April 2021

Fletch is back in Bathurst, NSW, at the Rockabilly Café, where on the 3rd Sunday of each month, motoring enthusiasts gather for 'Cars & Coffee on Keppel St'. Rockabilly Cafe owners Steve & Tania have made this an institution in the region, with large numbers turning out every month with classic cars, hot rods, customs cars, and bikes of all sorts. It's become a social gathering where you can rock up with your car or bike, enjoy the casual atmosphere, check out the vehicles, and chat with other like-minded enthusiasts. 

One such enthusiast is Tim with his 1948 Chev Truck which looks like it has just come out of the paddock with a very natural patina, sporting a HQ chassis and 350 V8 & turbo 400. Tims says he has no plans other than the interior and wants to retain the natural character that he found it in. 

Then there is young 'P' Plate enthusiast Ryan with his 1972 HQ Ute, which he only acquired around a year ago. In original condition with a distinct calypso red interior and a couple of his enhancements. The origins of his passion for Holden stem back to his grandfather, who had a 1971 HQ One Tonner which is now also in Ryan's possession. Not a bad start to his collection at such an early age. 

Next is Craig's 1955 2-door customised DeSoto Sportsman. It's a real head-turner that he acquired only 15 months ago, after admiring the vehicle for some time. The DeSoto is immaculate with a low-slung look, big wheels and a big fuel tank in the boot. Craig's says a car like this deserves a 1000 HP engine, but he wants it to fit in as neatly as the current engine does. Underneath is also spotless, but he intends to drive the car. So there will always be some wear and tear on the underside, but for Craig, that's ok. 

Another vehicle in original condition is Mardi's 1970 VG Valiant. Only acquired a year ago when she spotted it on the back of a truck, followed it up and eventually purchased it. The car was last registered in 1983 and has spent its life in a paddock exposed to the elements. Despite this, the vehicle was reasonably clean, with a few mechanical fixes. With an upgrade to the 265 engine from another of her Valiants, the car was good to go. The appearance or patina is exactly how Mardi likes it, and she has no other plans than to keep it as it is. 

Finally, Rob details the rebuild of his spectacular 1928 Chevrolet Tourer. There is nothing 1928 about this car; it has been rebuilt to a bespoke spec with parts from numerous manufacturers. The power plant is a 454 Cubic inch 7.3-litre big box Chevrolet with a Turbo 400. 

There is something for everyone at the Rockabilly Café - Cars & Coffee on Keppel Street, Bathurst. If you're in the region, check it out on the 3rd Sunday of every month.