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Muswellbrook Vintage Collector - Jeff Wolfgang: Classic Restos - Series 44

By Shannons - Published on 09 July 2020

It’s not often Fletch is lost for words, but this is one occasion. There are many items featured in the Denman & District Heritage Village that local Muswellbrook vintage collector Jeff Wolfgang has contributed to, but is just an inkling of what’s to come. Just outside of town on a 300-acre property is where Jeff has a massive 1,600 sq metre shed that is full of collectables, from vintage cars and motorcycles, trucks, farm machinery, and any number of mechanical devices, that he has saved from destruction, restored and in working order. Jeff’s passion started at an early age, collecting items that represented our history. Jeff takes Fletch through the shed, revealing the history of each item and how it was acquired, with lots of anecdotes behind their acquisition. A couple of the notable items include the French 1906 Darracq car that he purchased locally in pieces (and not all of them) and then restored including a worldwide search to get the right engine. Another collectable is a 1916 Indian Power Plus motorcycle that has almost been restored and again included another exchange to get the job complete. The shed goes on forever with thoroughly entertaining commentary from Jeff, and you can see the enjoyment that he gets from all these items no matter how large or small. Fletch says we are only seeing 10% of the collection and says he’ll be back for more. Jeff Wolfgang is a thoroughly entertaining character from another vintage, like his collection.