24th Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival, Kemeu NZ: Classic Restos - Series 36

15 February 2018

Fletch returns to New Zealand, just north of Auckland at Kemu for the 24th Annual Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival. This is an extraordinary car show set on 80 hectares of land with pavilions, 350 swappers and 3,000 Classic Cars and Hot Rods. No matter what your interest in cars, there's something of interest for everyone. Fletch tours the grounds and chats with some of the exhibitors. First up is Geordie with something you won't see at just many car shows, a 2004 GMC Mini truck, alongside a four-engine lawnmower and not one, but two rocket ships, when we asked owner Geordie, why a rocket ship, "Why not" he says.  The rockets were built as his version of a caravan for touring around motoring events in NZ and as you can imagine, draw a lot of attention. Other more conventional exhibitors included Geoff with newly built up '32 Hot Rod in beautiful condition, Michelle with her 1962 HZ Holden Panel Van. Gary, a member of the American Classic Car Club in NZ with a 1960 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible, imported from the US where it had been in storage for 30 years. Finally William with a beautiful 1955 Desota 4 door. Fletch's next episode will show more from this major New Zealand motoring event.