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1978 Kawasaki 1015cc Z1000


Is there a more iconic Aussie motorcycle? The Mad Max MFP Z1000 Kwaka!
My love of bikes come out of watching Mad Max with my older brother. He loved the cars but I was hooked on the bikes. They are the ducks guts.
Always wanting to do a Goose replica I thought it was beyond a dream as the Z1000’s were getting hard to find.
Located in Chicago and imported back to Australia the bike went a complete strip down and restoration. After about 2 years she kicked back over and hit the road!


Parts were sourced from all over. PMC Dual megaphone exhaust, Air-Tech Goose Fairing and tail and PDM Custom Fabrication rear sets and Mikuni RS smoothbore carbs.
Rebuilt from frame respray up. The Goose transformed out of the original Z1000 ashes to what it is now.

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