Simca Aronde: World Record Breaker. Armstrong 500 Champion.

27 November 2017
One of Australian motor sport’s greatest characters, Redex Trial winner Jack ‘Gelignite’ Murray, was a big fan of the French cars and part of Chrysler Australia’s marketing program. Here the gelignite-throwing, larger-than-life larrikin takes time out for a pic with his P60 during a rally in the early 1960s.

France built some amazing cars in the 1950s and 1960s like Citroen’s astonishing DS, Peugeot’s rugged 203, 403, 404 and 504 quartet and Renault’s rear-engined R8, which all shared common traits of rugged durability, excellent ride quality on rough roads and outstanding performance in competition use.

However, there was another great French car which shared all of those desirable attributes but also holds the unique distinction of finishing first, second and third in Australia’s greatest motor race – the Simca Aronde.