Unique Cars Rolling 30
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Unique Cars Rolling 30

By Shannons - 01 June 2021
Rolling 30

Unique Cars’ Rolling 30 event is back after two years, with the low-stress, Coffee & Cars-style track cruise returning to Sydney Motorsport Park on Sunday 4th July 2021.

It was 2019 when the Rolling 30 last hit Sydney Motorsport Park and since then, classic car owners have been champing at the bit to take their machines out for a blast on the track. For those not looking to break lap records, the Rolling 30 presents the ideal format.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our favourite community events, it must be said that the 2020 Rolling 30 suffered more than some. Like so many other beloved events, the NSW Rolling 30 originally planned for June was cancelled thanks to Coronavirus. However, the Victorian version booked for early March was cancelled for more unusual reasons. It was a widely lauded decision to add an event at Broadford State Motorcycle Sports Complex, with many looking forward to a Vic-NSW double-header, but it was Boradford’s resurfacing works running over schedule that sent things awry, just before COVID-19 really got going.

For all those who attended in 2019 or followed the event via social media, this was a great, if unavoidable 1-2 sucker punch of disappointment. The enviable reputation of the Rolling 30 hasn’t been created over a long and storied history; thanks to all that happened in 2020, it’s been run just once and such is its popularity, people are clamouring for more.

The 2019 event was described as a ‘Coffee and Cars on steroids’, and the 2021 event at Sydney Motorsport Park promises more of the same; why mess with a winning formula? There are no helmets or competition licences required, and track speeds are limited to 100km/h.

Owners aren’t required to have an unhinged race car; Unique Cars insists that all machines of appropriate age are welcome, and while cruising leisurely around a racetrack may seem weird to some, it can make a lot of sense.

Whether you’ve got a sports car, a sporty car or simply your grandpa’s old 3-speed Belmont, sometimes it’s fun to blow out some cobwebs and get the tyres squirming and squealing. For those looking for a Powercruise-style event, keep on looking; that’s Street Machine’s domain.

That being said, those with an unhinged race car are catered for too, with race-speed sessions held throughout the day for Motorsport Australia log-booked competition cars. For that, you’ll need a helmet and an MA licence.

Further details and entries to either the Cruise or Race Car Sessions are available here, while spectator passes can be purchased at the gate on the day.

Guy Allen, the editor of Unique Cars, has been welcoming entrants one-by-one in the Rolling 30 Discussion Group on Facebook, showcasing the wide variety of cars coming along to the 2021 event.

Here are some of our favourites. Shannons is a proud partner of the Unique Cars Rolling 30 and we’re looking forward to seeing all these great cars and up close and in the metal on 4 July at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Kerry Dowling – Holden VN Commodore SS Group A
Adriana Candelaro – 1980 Ford Escort Mark II
Justin Watt – 1973 Chrysler Regal Hardtop
Brad Twyman - Datsun 260Z
Tony Dohetty - 1986 BMW 635
Kath Hunter - Mitsubishi Starion
Barry McMahon - MG A Coupe
Barry McMahon - MG A Coupe
Michael Hart - 1963 Mini Cooper S Tribute
Jeff Waring - Alfa Romeo GTV6
Erne Setterfield - 69 Pacer
Simon Arena - SAAB 900 Turbo
Joe Caruana - 1963 Corvette