Dontas Races against a Rocky Weekend in Perth

12 May 2017

Craig Dontas has claimed two top ten finishes at the Perth SuperSprint over the weekend despite a series of clashes in a brutal field. 

Race 1 - Position 7

Dontas impressed in Friday's Practice & Qualifying sessions, despite chasing some issues with the Truck from the Clipsal 500 and finished 9th.

Spending the majority of the race tight in the pack, Dontas fought forward to finish in 7th for the first Race at Barbagallo Raceway. 

Race 2 - Position 8

After finding some issues with the Truck overnight, Dontas and the team made some improvements leading into Race 2.

Dontas was running at the front of the pack but was taken out on the first corner of the second lap. 

Dontas recovered but was then taken out a second time while chasing the pack, which led to a roll over onto his roof. 

The Shannons Insurance Truck was flipped back over and Dontas rejoined the race at the back of the pack, again recovering to conclude the Race in 8th. 

Race 3 - DNF

After finishing in 8th in the One Lap Shootout, Dontas began the final Race of the weekend strong. 

Dontas held his own in a tough race, but went too wide on the first jump of the front straight and landed awkwardly. 

The landing sent the truck out of control, leading him to hit the second jump at the wrong angle. 

Unfortunately Dontas suffered the same fate as Race 2 and was again flipped on his head.

The Shannons Insurance Truck suffered too much damage to continue racing and Dontas finished with a DNF result. 

"Race 1 we got hussled a bit but went okay in the mid-pack to finish comfortably, but we then found some issues with the car overnight. Race 2 I got taken out on the first corner on Lap 2 which sent us to the back, and we were taken out again and ended up on the roof. On Sunday morning we got the truck sorted for the One Lap shoot-out and finished 8th which I thought was pretty respectable. In Race 3 we had a good run but I took a jump two wide and following the landing, hit the ramp on the wrong angle and flipped the car on its head. It was fairly damaged so we had to retire from the final race. I will be working hard to improve for the next round, I am a rookie at the Stadium Trucks so I'm learning all the way - it's tough and tight that's for sure!” '

Perth SuperSprint Wrap Up

Round 3 of the Australian Stadium SUPER Trucks will be held at the Darwin Triple Crown on June 16 -18.