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2018 Triumph Custom Rocket 3 Bobber


Extraordinary. Unique. Ultimate. Legendary. Everything you’ve heard about the Triumph Rocket III is true. With sheer force of presence, the Rocket III uses the world’s largest production motorcycle engine to deliver an experience unmatched on two wheels.

The Triumph Rocket III: believe in the unbelievable.

Our BLACK BESS takes this to the next level.

Originally a 2010 R3 Roadster - BESS spent over 12 months at the Gasoline Motor Co. in Sydney, Australia being stripped back to her bare bones and reborn as a ‘one of a kind’ custom themed bobber.

Named after another famous British Steed - Black Bess, the Highwayman Dick Turpin’s famous mare, our BLACK BESS takes her styling from a combination of the Brough Superior SS80 (Black Bess) and the power of Turpin’s mare - at full gallop - with flowing mane and unstoppable power..




A fully blacked out monster 2300cc 2010 R3 Roadster subframe.
Classic LED Headlight 7″
Custom Fabricated Headlight Mount.

BERINGER Brake Master Cylinder Cable Clutch Black, 1Inch, Mirror Holder.
Custom Front & Rear Brake Stainless Steel Braided Lines & Fittings with Black Banjo Bolts
Brake Light Pressure Switches

Custom Handlebars, Beach Style, Black.
Handlebar risers, Choker, Black.
Custom +3.5" Throttle & Clutch Cables w Cable Clips.
Black Cast Whiskey Throttle 1" Single

The awesome 2300cc Triumph Rocket 3 engine & gearbox - 2010 model

Custom Radiator - 2.5" per side. w’ Black Thermal Displacement Coating, Inc Radiator Cap.
Custom Coolant Overflow Reservoir
Motorex Coolant M5.0

Custom Fabricated Fuel Tank.
Exhaust System Hand made 3 into 1
Exhaust System Internally Ceramic Coated
Custom 316 stainless steel heat shields on primary pipes

Remapped ECU Rocket III Roadster for Aftermarket exhaust - 280km/h Top Speed 100% Secondary Throttle Valve

Custom 3 into 1 Air Intake w Custom Machined V Stack & Silicone Mount Hoses
Custom Fuel Tank Cap. Oil Tank Cap.
Custom Fuel Intake System

Digital Instrumentation
MotoGadget MotoScope mini Very small digital speedometer.
Custom Mount Speed Sensor.
MotoGadget, msm combi frame with indicator lights.
MotoGadget, msm combi Handle Bar Bolt-On Bracket
MotoGadget, M.grip CNC-milled billet grips M.grip cap
MotoGadget, M.switch Push buttons for handle bars - black anodised
MotoGadget, Electrics M.lock RFID ignition lock - keyless start
Black Box V2 – Lighting Control Module
Kellerman Atto® Front indicators
Kellermann Atto® Tail light with DF Integrated Turn Signals
Thermistor Fuel Level Sensor Kit Inc Red LED
Custom Wiring Harnesses
AGM Battery

Forward Controls + Floor Boards, Custom Mount RHS, Custom Rear Brake Lever w New Rubber
Direct Mount Rear Brake Reservoir, Black
Custom Fabricated Triumph Side Cover Mounts, w’ Modified Existing Side Covers.
Custom Fabricated Seat Base
Custom Seat Upholstery
Custom Fabricated Rear Guard + mounts
Custom front guard
Custom Frame Loop
Custom Wrap Around Number Plate Mount

Front Tyre, Metzeler.
Rear Tyre, Metzeler.
Rebuild Front & Rear Wheel Bearings - New Kits

Legend Air Ride Rear Suspension w Custom Mounted Air Compressor & Actuating Push Buttons.
Fork Seal Kits
Motorex Racing Fork Oil

Powder Coat Process: Front & Rear Wheel Sets. Top Triple Clamp. Headlight Mount. Handlebars & Risers. Forward Control Assembly. Radiator (Thermal Dispersant) Number Plate Bracket. Rear Guard Struts.
Custom Paint Process - Fuel Tank, Side Covers, Rear Guard and Frame.

And many, many, many hours of thought, sweat, trial & error.


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