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Published on 16 June 2017

There was always a 240k in my life growing up through the '80's as my grandparents owned one, bought second hand in '82, it would have been a 5 year old car at the time and was originally owned as a demo car and sold in '78 by Nihill's Datsun (Your Car Man) in Whyalla, S.A. Later on as a teenager through the '90's I remember being much more enamoured with my grandfather's HK Brougham and my parent's HZ sedan (that I later owned and cemented my love for those cars). I now own a HK Brougham almost identical to my grandfather's and the HZ is sadly long gone but I also ended up owning my grandparent's 240k sedan. In need of a second car in the mid 2000's I became the (at the time) underwhelmed new owner of the 240k. It had spent a short time outside under a tarp following my grandfather's declining health and passing soon after. But a funny thing happened once I sat in that car, coaxed it back to life and drove it for the first time, I was struck by an admiration for the way it drove and for the sound it made and that sporty looking full instrument dash. I was encouraged so much I found myself righting all the little wrongs it had endured, tidied up the interior, fixed some trim, bought a dash matt to cover the split dash pad :( and later got to work polishing that old paint to within an inch of its life. The original steel rims were showing more surface rust than paint so they were professionally painted and the rest of the patina on the car was preserved. So, more than 10 years later and a Bay to Birdwood under our belts (and booked in again this year) we're still enjoying our 240k regularly and plan to keep it original as long as time and the rust gods permit....... Most commonly heard comment when people see our 240k? "Man, you don't see those on the road anymore....".