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Published on 23 November 2019

Thought I'd show you my new car, well my youngest grand daughters car after Christmas, & the dog, it wouldn't be a show with out him. Yes it is all battery electric, the car that is, not the dog, so I have actually found one I like. It has a remote control, so you don't need the manufacturer mucking behind your back, & you don't have to be a hacker to get control, but you can stop the kid getting into much trouble. I don't know what it's standing quarter time is, but with a top speed of about 8Km/H it won't be too quick. They don't tell you what the batteries are, but at 2 hours driving for 8 hours charging, they can't be Li Po which pleases me, don't like the thought of her backside being just a couple of centimeters from a couple of those. It came in a CKD kit, & took all one afternoon crawling about to put it together, not quite as long as restoring a Triumph, but just as hard. So I have weakened & joined the electric car push, at least a little. Why the hell does this site turn my photos sideways? MUZ help.