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Published on 04 March 2014

My first car was a 1959 Austin Healey Sprite. I wanted a moke but they were all too much so a mate found the Sprite in Moorabbin. It cost me $300.00 in 1971. I was making $66.00 a week and paying $11.00 tax. I learned how to do everything on that. Grind valves, fit rings, fit bearing shells, rebuild a gearbox and a diff. I advertised in Auto Action and got it a new hood and some other bits real cheap. It went everywhere and didn't use oil or much fuel. My girlfriend at the time hated it because it blew her hair forwards, not backwards like in the movies. About 35 years after I sold it I bought another one. I still love the bugeye. A great car to learn in, I spun it so many times and it taught me lots about driving too.