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Published on 07 December 2019

"Grand Prix" had the best vision of really wet racing in an open wheeler I have ever seen. Open wheelers with treaded tyres throw up an enormous amount of water. in really wet conditions a car less than 3 meters in front of you totally disappears, as does the side of the track & most everything else. It is like being in a snow white out, only more damp. There was just such a scene in "Grand Prix", which I have not seen again. Just occasionally today you can see some of this, when a number of cars are close together in wet racing. Of course they call the racing off long before it gets as wet as we raced in back in the days be cars grew wings. I have mentioned before, my great mate Max Stewart saved both our lives at Catalina one day by knowing what he was doing. I was slip streaming him very closely, but could only see him in the slow corners when the spray diminished. I could see where he was by looking up to find his 2 huge rooster tails 20 ft up. At the finish he knew I would not be able to see the checkered flag, so kept his foot right in it, up to Dunlop, where our reduced speed meant I could see him. He gave me a big slow down signal, & I realised the race had finished. Just for fun, the Sports car world write up of the day.