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Published on 11 January 2022

conrodfrustrated, We do have the ability to search by single lot numbers by using the Keyword Search field. However, this may return additional lots in your results that also feature the same number in the title of the lot, e.g. Victorian Heritage Number Plates ‘18.118’ includes the numbers 181. It’s best to search by the keyword ‘mini’, this will display all three Mini’s featured in the auction. All Auction results are added to the lot listing post the auction. We also have the functionality to add an auction lot to your favourites by clicking the Star icon next to the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Email share options on the lot page. Once you have added all three vehicles, you can view your favourites by clicking the star in the auction menu bar next to the Request a Quote button on Auction pages. I’ve added two screen grabs for your reference. Let us know if you have any further queries.