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Published on 21 May 2013

Finally completed after 2 yrs full on FULL restoration of this 1917 Dodge Roadster Pickup Hot Rod. The Rod is now LH10 Rego in Qld is drives like a dream, everything brand new & 100% reliable. Been on the road since mid March so I have sorted out most bugs & I feel very confident with this car now. Goes as hard as it looks & turns heads EVERYWHERE it goes. Absolutely AWESOME to drive. Vehicle in Cairns FNQ. Only taken out in GOOD weather on weekends & maybe one night a week if its clear sky. Owes me a MOTZA in money & double that in time but it is unreplaceable. This is MY Superannuation to drive around & enjoy until I get too old to handle it & hopefully that is a long way off.LOL ENJOY