TRAX Ford Model Car Reviews
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TRAX Ford Model Car Reviews

By Shannons - 27 August 2018
Model car manufacturer Trax produces many iconic examples of the cars we know and love. Here's a short review of some of their latest releases. You can see the whole range at 
The FPV GT-F was the last hurrah for the iconic performance brand. FPV was intent on going out in style and debuted a 351 kW supercharged V8 that could exceed even this lofty power output when on over boost. The GT-F models were strictly limited to a select colour range and this 1/43rd scale replica really does the car justice in its Kinetic blue with black stripe over the top finish. As per the original, these replicas are strictly limited so make sure you order
Ford Mustang GT
The latest in Trax’s series of the ever popular Ford Mustang replicates a GT fastback in red. This beautifully detailed model accurately depicts the little pony car with the heart of a Coyote V8. The Ford Mustang continues to lead the Australian sports car market in the sales race and we suggest you order your 1/43rd scale model today to avoid disappointment, as stocks are very limited.
FPV GT R-Spec Highway Patrol
The song says a policeman’s lot is not a happy one, but any officer who found themselves behind the wheel of this V8 GT would be smiling ear to ear. Another very limited release by Trax in 1/43rd scale, this R-Spec GT from FPV is beautifully detailed, even down to the police accoutrements. Whether you are a fan of emergency vehicles or a Ford fanatic this is a great addition to any collection.
The FPV GT R-Spec was a performance enhanced variant from the blue oval hot shop that featured sharper handling, tuned by none other than V8 Supercar legend John Bowe and the FPV engineering team. The suspension tune was designed to limit diagonal pitch, providing greater stability when cornering.  FPV also enhanced the appearance even further with dark accent colours to give the car an even more purposeful look.  This 1/43rd scale replica accurately depicts this Aussie icon. Get yours while they last.
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