HOLDEN OUR OWN: The Holden family’s story
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HOLDEN OUR OWN: The Holden family’s story

By Shannons - 31 August 2021

Take a drive down memory lane …

A small leather goods and harness-making shop in England became a fledgling horse-drawn carriage and coach-building business in colonial South Australia. It then morphed into Holden, a multinational company and a much-loved Australian icon. Holden endured through overwhelming wartime hardships, depression and adversity to be a respected marque of the Australia automotive industry and recognised around the globe.

In this thoroughly researched book, author William Holden goes deep to examine the key branches of the Holden family tree and the Holden car story. 'HOLDEN our own' explores the history, events and personalities that created the Holden business – from its birth to its ultimate sale to automotive giant General Motors and beyond – all through the lens of the Holden family dynasty.

This book is a rare offering not only for the motoring enthusiast and Holden aficionados and historians but for every true and proud Australian.

  • The first and only book to be written by a member of the Holden dynasty
  • A complete and informative compendium of one of the world’s famous automotive marques worthy of a place in any car museum, private collection, library or home
  • An accurate account of the car company that has shaped Australia in so many ways, for so long
  • Includes never-before-told, myth-busting facts about the Holden family, car and story

About the Author

William James Holden was born in East Melbourne. His first involvement with General Motors-Holden’s Ltd. came during his years at university when he performed a wide range of maintenance work on plant and equipment at both Fishermans Bend and Dandenong. His first white collar job was as an engineer in the company’s Central Laboratory. He is the last member of the legendary Holden Family who has worked in the automobile industry founded by his family and who bears the Holden name. He and his lovely wife Rosario have two wonderful daughters and now a grandson. And yes, he does drive a Holden. Always has.

The Holden family's story


Due for release November 2021