Honda NSX: Body by Honda. Soul by Senna.

22 January 2018
The Honda NSX that finished a gallant third in the 1993 James Hardie 12 Hour at Bathurst is perhaps remembered more for Wayne Gardner’s fearful practice crash and its marathon rebuild by the TAFE Smash Repair Team than for its race performance. Read all about it later in this story.

The first generation Honda NSX (1990-2005) may not possess the raw Italian passion of a Ferrari or Lamborghini. However, Japan’s first mid-engine supercar, which also raced with success in Japan, at Le Mans and even Bathurst, features a unique element in its DNA that no other can match - Ayrton Senna.

Although reference is often made to the brilliant Brazilian - who won three world F1 titles with Honda-powered cars - having input in its design, the depth of Senna’s involvement with factory engineers during the NSX’s painstaking development process is often overlooked.