Holden VK Commodore: Last Big Banger. First Euro Challenger.

20 March 2017
Peter Brock with the Holden Dealer Team VK he and Larry Perkins drove to victory at Bathurst in 1984. Although the fluorescent effect in the red paint highlights couldn’t be seen under this studio lighting, they glowed in a brilliant orange-red tone when exposed to daylight, hence the name ‘day-glo’. These cars looked stunning on the race track.

The VK Commodore is the only Holden to have won the Bathurst 1000 under two different sets of  rules. This unique achievement in the 1980s cemented the VK’s status as one of the most adaptable and effective race cars in the roaring lion’s proud history at Mount Panorama.

The first came in 1984 which was the last year that our home-grown Group C touring cars competed in Australia’s greatest motor race since the category’s inception in 1973.