FB-EK Holden: The Weighting Game

31 January 2018
The lone EK Holden shared by Ron and Bruce Marshall in the 1962 Bathurst Six Hour Classic was one of few FB-EK models to be seen in competition, conspicuously at a time when Holden was dominant in the Australian car market.

Most Australian-made Holdens boast a significant motor sport heritage, from the original 48-215 in 1948 to the final VFII Commodore in 2017. However in the early 1960s there was a noticeable lack of contemporary models - the FB and EK – competing. And the main reason for that? They were too heavy.

The first 48-215 or ‘FX’ Holden proved to be a motor sport natural as its relatively light unitary body construction and ‘grey’ six cylinder engine resulted in a kerb weight of 2230 pounds (1013kg). The facelifted FJ model that followed in 1953 was only 8.0kg heavier which was more than offset by an increase in engine power from 60 to 70bhp.