Austin, Texas has arrived and Marquez wants the crown!

21 April 2017
© Ducati Corse Press

Next up is Texas. The riders are ready to rock and roll whilst enjoying the changing gradients of the circuit and the fans that attend the event. It will be a race where quite a few riders are there for redemption and to start their season off with a bang! Lorenzo needs to find a rhythm and also a feeling that allows him to ride the Ducati to its full potential. The Circuit of the Americas has great memories for the Spartan and there is every chance that his performance could increase based on clearing his mind of the previous mistakes and focusing on the job at hand. Lorenzo wanted to get to Austin straight away and get back on his bike, which is a great sign for the Italian manufacturer because he is hungry. The Spanish rider spent sometime training in California, which helps to prepare him for the challenge of the Circuit of the Americas. The Desmo has always fetched good results at this track and Lorenzo wants the success he is aiming for. Marquez on the other hand is so excited to start at Austin as he loves the race circuit and has dominated in the past. His current World Title circumstances are very different to what they should be and Vinales is smiling from ear to ear with the mistakes being made by his fellow rivals. We must say that the fans play an important role in creating a fun atmosphere and creating a racing event that is truly memorable.

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Marquez and Rossi are definitely crowd favourites although Vinales is starting to grow his fan base as he rides with style and aggression. Marquez’s teammate Pedrosa wants to focus on improving the stability of the bike and also general setup. These two areas are crucial in order for Pedrosa to feel comfortable on the bike and enable him to chase down the leading pack. Right now, Pedrosa has his fingers crossed for good weather and plenty of track time to improve his current situation with the Repsol Honda MotoGP bike. The Austin circuit is going to be a strong one for Vinales by the sounds of things. The American track fits with his riding style and there are plenty of acceleration zones to allow him to go fast. Alternatively, the mindset for Rossi is to stay focused because he finds the Austin circuit much more challenging. Rossi wants to utilise the information the team gained in Argentina on Friday and Saturday and put this to use in Texas. The Doctor is a very smart rider and knows that if he wants to beat Vinales and Marquez, he is going to have to up his level of competitiveness even more. Rossi must push harder than ever if he wants to really chase down another title and beat his fellow rivals!

© Movistar Yamaha Factory Racing MotoGP Team

Out of all the riders, Johann Zarco is feeling very confident although is aware of the physicality required in order to stay on board his bike for race distance at a circuit which chops and changes quite a lot. Zarco will be spending more time focusing on himself, as it is clear the French rider thinks a strong and clear mind will be the differentiating factor in a successful Texas race. If you lose focus and make a mistake it can take up to half a lap to recover. Zarco is a smart rider and is calculated in his thought patterns. Therefore, his motivation is high and his feelings towards the bike and team wonderful. This is a snapshot in to the mind of Zarco and how dynamic MotoGP has become as a sport. The goal is to go fast, race with passion, precision and win at all costs because if other riders crumble, Vinales will be running away with that MotoGP World Title.

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