1969 Maverick - Ford’s forgotten success hits 50
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1969 Maverick - Ford’s forgotten success hits 50

By Retroautos - 06 November 2019

Remember the Ford Maverick? No, not the clone of the 1988 Nissan Patrol. I mean the other Ford Maverick, the really successful and stylish one.

How successful? Get this: its first year sales topped 579,000, only 8% less than the Mustang’s record for the same time span. That’s what I call successful.

The Maverick was Ford North America’s first all-new automobile since the Mustang, and was released on 17th April, 1969, five years to the day after its iconic sibling. Sitting on a 103 inch (2591mm) wheelbase it is approximately the same dimensions as the European Capri, which was developed at the same time.