Mazda Rotary-Engined Hybrid for 2020

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Today I happened across an 'Autocar'(UK) article revealing that Mazda plans the release of a rotary hybrid in 2020. The thinking behind the resurrection of this engine lays in its high output relative to conventional engines, and (as a consequence) the potential to put together a much lighter package with respect to the drivetrain itself as a 'distance extender'. It is also intended that the engine will use LPG in line with future emission reduction targets.

For lovers of the RX series - who saw the last of the breed produced in 2012 - this must indeed be good news, and having also noted that the 50th anniversary of the Mazda Rotary was celebrated in 2017 I thought we should all take a look back in time with a slide show - courtesy of 'Autocar' once again - covering 'The glorious history of rotary-engined Mazdas'.

Plus an additional video on the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R
3 months ago