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My R31 Skyline

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Published on 21 July 2016

Hello, just a quick write up on my beloved R31 Nissan Skyline. I purchased this car back in 2006 off my grandfather which owned it since 35,000km. The car has been looked after and serviced every 5000km for the life of the car. I continue to look after the car as a family sedan and at the time of this write up the car is just clocking over 440,000km and still runs fantastic. The motor is still using HX5-15W40 and consumes about 9 liters per 100km on the highway and about 11.5 liters per 100km in town, so quite good. The transmission has been rebuilt, which is a challenge to find a garage up to the task, but that is another story, however the car changes gears smooth like it is brand new. The car was painted 9 years ago at the time of the write up and is hand polished every three months with autoglym products and still holds a shine comparable to a new car. The person that painted the car is passionate about paint and taught me how to look after it. I have restored the exterior and interior of the car, however much of it was in good condition to begin with. I have spent much time over the years looking for good condition and new parts. The final result is a car that looks like it has not long come out of the showroom.


Over the years Nissan took a lot of parts out of the R31 Skyline before the end of its production. I have spent the time collecting parts that were never put in my car by Nissan. The 1986 TI had the most parts but even the TI by 1990 was missing a lot of parts. My GXE Skyline has had many parts put into it some of which I will list:


TI dash wiring loom, Trip Computer, Floor Lamps, LED heater controls, Foot air ducts, Rear air ducts, Seat knob caps, Cruise control, Removable tire strap, Twin horns, Wing rear vision mirrors, Dotted rear volume knobs, White marked air vents, Lots of screws and brackets behind the dash cover.


There is probably some that I have missed, but I found it interesting that Nissan was trying to save money by removing screws and half the air ducts. With the full air ducts system, it works much better. So with this car I have spent the time going over each area of the car to make a very comfortable ride. I enjoy driving this car as my daily drive.