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My FJ Story

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Published on 30 August 2012

I first saw my FJ 13 years a go in a farm shed. It was covered in dust and all I could see was the front end and the holden badge. I asked the owner if he wanted to sell it. "oh s*** no Ill never sell her".

Fast forward 13 years and I was working in a house when I spotted a old holden in he's shed. He then told me he has owned it for 3 years and he bought it off a old farmer.

We got chatting and it is the same FJ I saw 13 years before!. I asked him how did he get it off the old farmer. He said her heard from a friend that he wanted to sell it to make room for a new tractor.

So I asked the guy if he wanted to sell the FJ again and he said yes but to the right person. I said I would love to own the FJ and after my story about seeing it 13 years before I ended up getting it!.

This story sounds fake but it is true!. Thank you for taking time to read it.

Regards Molo