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Victorian State Championship Race Report - Round 2 KA3 Junior

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Published on 13 August 2018

Race Report

Victorian State Championship Round 2 – Todd RD - KA3 Junior.

The State championship is only a 2 round series, which means points are like gold.

Qualifying; A rain shower just before qualifying made for a mad scramble to change whatever we could in a short time, just missed the set up which was ok, starting 12th. .  

Heat 1; A great start and a few positions made at the start moving to 6th by the end of the race.

Heat 2; Another 6 spot gain for the Shannons driver, which will help for a better starting in Heat 3, happy with another 6th.

Heat 3; The track was wet but drying, Emerson opted for slick tyres which turned out to be the right move, he was a second faster than the leader and passing karts at will. He was just about to take 4th when the kart in front turned in, Emerson spun so he wouldn’t hit, putting him back to 18th, disappointing considering he was so fast.

Heat 4; Starting 12th Emerson would have his work cut out for him to move through the field, however some strong moves over the journey saw him finish 7th.

Final; Starting 8th & a crash at the start which is all too common but a crash at turn 1 followed by another at turn 2 saw Emerson drop to last. He fought back really well and never seems to give up but in the end he just ran out of laps finishing 12th overall and 5th in the state.