1949 Hudson Brougham

1949 Hudson Brougham

Vehicle Specs

  • Engine:426 Gen 3 Hemi
  • Transmission:6 speed auto
  • Body Style:Coupe
  • Trim:Purple velour
  • Colour:Black with flames


I recently purchased this car from a Hudson enthusiast. I have been looking for a Hudson coupe project since I reluctantly parted ways with my 1954 Hudson Super Wasp in the 80s.


A series 3 jag front and rear have been installed, and the car is sitting nicely. Original plans are for a gen 3 Hemi drivetrain, but lately my eye has strayed to a blown injected 392 Hemi. If the price is right, I could go the nostalgic route and replicate the 54 Superwasp built by Ed Iskanderian in the 60s. It had a blown 392 Hemi. Mine would still have the late model 6 speed auto, and the injection would be an EFI conversion from Hilborn mechanical.
As the Vicki project gets closer to completion, I decided to go the Gen 3 Hemi route with the Hudson. I am now looking for a donor car, maybe a damaged 300C or SRT8 Jeep?