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Published on 01 October 2012

It all started when I was 15 and got an AFX slot car set for Xmas.

The 2 cars that came with the set weren't my favourite. In fact, I didn't even know what cars they were, but the blue one seemed to go faster, so it was my favourite. With time, I discovered that the blue car was in fact a 1970 Camaro. At the time I thought it didn't look anywhere near as good as Bob Jane's 1969 Camaro.

As time marched on, I soon forgot about the slot cars and started playing with real cars. Much, much later I saw my first real 2nd generation Camaro and thought it looked OK, but still preferred a 1969.

Fast forward to 2009, and I have grown to like the 2nd Gen Camaros. In fact I now prefer them to the 1st gens. I start collecting the odd photo of nice 70's Camaro's on my computer and have a few as screen savers. Trolling through the net, I came across this photo. I liked the colour and so I saved it to my screen saver with the others. Every now and then, my screen saver throws up this photo and whenever I notice it, I think to myself "nice colour"

Fast forward again, to Feb this year. I am out with my family and driving down Warrigal Road when I spy an orange 1976 Camaro coming the other way. I casually say to my wife, "That's similar to what I want for family cruises" To which she says, "Well if you want one, go and buy one". I say we'd have to sell the Nagari to which she replies "No way!" Bless her !!!

So started the quest to find an early 1970's Camaro - orange with white stripes, auto, air con, blade spoilers front and rear. I searched the net for weeks and found a few that looked OK, all of them in USA, nothing worth looking at here in Oz. I eventually saw one advertised and somehow felt compelled to contact the seller. It ticked all the boxes.

Well, many calls, emails and photos, some frustrations and anxious moments followed, but on 31st March it was MINE !!!!

Very soon after this, it dawned on me that it looked very similar to the orange Camaro on my screen saver. Some close inspection of the photos I had and questions to the owner followed and surprise, was the very same car I've been looking at since 2009 !!!!