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The Mornington Peninsula Historical Vehicles Club Incorporated was founded in 1969 as a family social club, aimed at assisting in the preservation, restoration, use and maintenance of historic vehicles, stationary engines and other mechanical memorabilia more than 25 years old. Emphasis is on veteran, vintage and classic eras together with later vehicles of interest. The MPHVC will endeavour to assist local non-profit organizations by participating in their events when invited. Many local Events are greatly appreciative of the interest and attention these older cars command. A reminder of years gone by and how we took to the highways. If you love vintage and classic cars, then the Car Clubs are a great way to meet people who share your interest. They are also a great way to learn more about cars and exchange knowledge with other enthusiasts. We publish a monthly magazine “Sidelights” and have a Facebook page for enthusiasts and members to follow. The Club holds a general meeting of members on the 2nd Thursday of each month of the year. New Members welcome to come along. We also hold an event /outing at least three times per month. The Club is an approved club and is authorised by Vic Roads to issue permits under the Club Permit Scheme. Vehicles over twenty - five years of age are able to participate in the Permit Scheme which enables use on public roads without full vehicle registration. A revised scheme commenced on 1 February 2011. This scheme enables permit holders to use their vehicles on public roads for either 45 or 90 days (at the permit holder's option) without restriction as to the purpose of use e.g. club or private. Membership of a Vic Roads authorised Club is essential in obtaining a permit. Left hand drive vehicles are eligible for the club permit scheme. The Club is a member of the Association of Motoring Clubs ( AOMC) and the Federation of Veteran, Vintage and Classic Vehicle Clubs.

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